Why I Hate “LGBT”

by E.J. Dávila | March 29, 2014 2:42 pm

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QueerIcon-Newsletter1x1What do ya do after a long, stressful week of dealing with lots and lots of f*ckery (and exams)? Complain about it on tumblr!

And that is exactly what I did. One of the things I decided to complain about was the acronym LGBT and why it should be done away with immediately. The blogger americanblackgirlinaustralia responded to my mini-rant with “Make it happen with your column.”

And here I am, folx! I am going to tell you why I don’t like “LGBT”:

1) With “LGBT”, the sentiment is you are either “lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender”. It suggests that you can only be L, G, B, or T. But what about gay/ lesbian trans* folx? They, you know, exist. And what about straight-identified trans* folx? What about genderqueer gay/ lesbian/ bisexual folx?

2) Gay/ lesbian movements have historically been transphobic and there is this false idea that gay/ lesbian and trans* people have solidarity in “fighting for equal rights”

3) The goals of the trans* rights movements and gay rights movement are COMPLETELY different. While the gay rights movement has focused on and has mostly been concerned about marriage equality, serving openly in the military, and ensuring non-discriminatory employment practices, trans* folx are concerned about access to healthcare and coverage for trans* related care (hormones, surgeries, etc.); access and safety to public bathrooms, being able to change your name and other legal documents without paying literally thousands of dollars; an exceptionally high suicide rate, etc.

LGBT essentially groups together everyone who is “not normal” (sarcasm, of course) in regards to sexual identities and puts them in this “other” category – the implication is that there are straight people, and then there are LGBT people. LGBT blurs the realities of the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans* people and totally ignores the disproportionate levels of privilege (and lack thereof) each community experiences, as well as giving a false sense of solidarity and that each community is fighting for the same things. There are even situations where you can even be speaking about homosexual/ bisexual and gender-variant folx in a way where their actual experiences does not connect to whatever you are saying.

Sexual orientation and gender identity are entirely different understanding of one’s self and cannot and SHOULD NOT be grouped together. So, please stop using LGBT to describe (and group) homosexual/ bisexual and gender variant folx!

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