Wanna’ be back!

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Photo: Lorenzo, flickr

Photo: Lorenzo, flickr

By: José A. “Babuya” Rodríguez

Wanna’ be back!
I rather to be robbed! I prefer to be mugged by a kid
I wanna’ be stuck in traffic as I hear somebody screaming:
Hijo e puta!
Me cago en la madre que te parió!
I wanna’ feel insecure…in my own house…
I wanna’ hear the stabbin’, the shooting and the crying of a mother, a brother…
…my own…

I wanna’ feel the sand between my toes, grab the sunlight with my tongue…
You don’t know what I feel!
You don’t know what is real…my real

My strength comes from Senegal, my bravery from the areytos
I’ve been cursed by the white man’s legacy…
His oppression runs through my veins, burning my soul is his whip!
…a Taíno woman was raped with my blood; an african boy starves to death…I smile cynically

That’s my reality, courage, mixtape of immorality…
The Caribbean Island carries pain, a history of shame and pride refrained…
We’ve being cheated, we’ve been tamed…
We’ve been terrorized!

…but there is where I wanna’ be
Where shaved ice is a luxury
Where national identity is a dildo for your soul
Take me to the village where the bloodshed stills expelling its scent
Put down my hopes of success
Fill in my soul with a superlative stress
Bring me down with the evening news
Then, cheer me up with an improvised party in the sidewalk of my hood!
“Que se joda, date un palo”

Talk to me in Spanish, talk to me in Boricua…
Let my furniture get rusty and blame the coastal life I own
Get me to a random house to sing a parranda
Asalto! Saludos! Bring up the moonshine!
Esto se jodió!

Demolish my regrets, turn them into thoughts filled with gratefulness!
May God bless la suerte mía of being back in my homeland…

“…Wake up Mr. José…
Where am I?!
This is your last stop…Penn Station!”


José A. “Babuya” Rodríguez, MPA is a Puerto Rican born and raised in Dover, New Jersey (Morris County. He is a Bilingual/ Bicultural Teacher for the NJDOE. He’s taught for ten years in  Puerto Rico, West Palm Beach, Florida; and New Brunswick, New Jersey at urban schools in multicultural communities.

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