to the diaspora

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Photo: Eddie Kim, flickr

amongst shuffling dominoes
face down,
fate upon either side.
where do we slide?
assimilating paths of red, white, and blue,
kitchen windows of red beans and rice,
the tune of rock ‘n’ roll,
or scenes of latin fever
with salsa flow.
our destiny unknown to either side.
one distinct pair
face up,
there lies a gringo with a taste of
boricua pride.


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Gabriél J. Maldonado

Gabriél J. Maldonado was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He is an undergraduate student at SUNY Buffalo State College, where he majors in history and minors in museum studies. Although his fields of study are broad, he concentrates on Latin American and Indigenous studies in history. He intends to pursue a career in preserving Hispanic and Latina/o cultures, because being Puerto Rican has made him proud to spread our culture through the arts.