Paper Dreams

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Photo: ridges&balloons

Photo: bridges&balloons, flickr

is it not our minds,
carry out our dreams.

yet, its the streets that
foster our dreams.
more in life, but
in the
public domain.

lost and confused;
the streets
running my dreams.
i’m just
another product
of being
left behind.

but beyond the
blurred lines
lies paper dreams.
numbers to pave
the way
to progressive dreams.

waiting for life to catch my
dreams. there seems
to be only
hope in a cage of dreams.

life was just a dream.

back to the public domain,
i flee
with paper-less

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Gabriel José Maldonado

Poet, Gabriel José Maldonado (also known as Neo-Literato) was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He is a graduate student at Bank Street College of Education, where he majors in Museum Education. In his spare time, he loves writing poetry and taking photos throughout his travels. In the future, he intends to pursue a career in preserving Hispanic and Latina/o cultures, because being Puerto Rican has made him proud to spread our culture through the arts.