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La Respuesta is a platform to showcase the critical, provocative, and inspiring work by, for, and about Boricuas living in The Diaspora and Puerto Rico. Since our launch in 2013, our self-funded, all-volunteer run, grassroots efforts have impacted a broad section of our communities, and provide a unique, relevant, and engaging forum for critical thinking and dialogue on issues that concern us. We are proud of how far we’ve come, and what we’ve been able to accomplish.

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  5. We engage in conversations with important Puerto Rican artists and leaders.

  6. We intentionally seek contributions from people in our community with historically marginalized identities, including DiaspoRicans, youth, people living with (dis)ability, women, LGBTQI folk, & Afro/ Black Boricuas.

  7. We practice solidarity and are dedicated to the collective transformation and self-determination of all oppressed peoples.

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