Curl-onial Threat

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By: Stephanie Medina

remember the day you asked me
hey, how’d your hair get so big?
its full of secrets

tangled truths
matted in the depths of my curls
its protective
keeps out the cold

a helmet preventing penetration from the likes of you
honesty produced at my roots
emanating through the twists that
threaten to untangle the fantasy that created you

bouncing to the rhythm pulsing through me
we are built on rhythm
you hear your heartbeat?

pay attention
dont lose that sound
as it echoes
breaking the loud silences that hold you down

don’t you dare question the way my hair waves
resisting gravity as it caresses my face

you’ll remember and reckon the day
when you’ve lost the battle of truths
until then, see you soon.


Stephanie Medina is a nomadic dominirican originally from Massachusetts; a Boricua nationalist, feminist, abolitionist, story teller, creative, and dancer. Stephanie is dedicated to imagining a decolonial reality by building sites of liberation with fellow PoCs. Peace, love, & power.

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