Reggae & Politics: Cultura Profética Performs in Chicago

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Cultura Profetica is a Puerto Rican reggae buying viagra

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online band formed levitra commercial in 1996. Seven albums later, they graced the stage on August 6 at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago and left everyone there wanting more.

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It’s not just reggae people, it’s baby-making, lyrical sensuality. Just check out the video for their song ilegal. Willy Rodríguez (unfortunately no family relation to me) interprets a sort of fantasy dream wherein at the end two ladies charge him with knives. Funny, sexy… “Willy, portate bien!


Back to the concert… Of course, it was

a packed house, and the band was joined by the very talented drummer and singer, Apache. They catered to a crowd adorned with Puerto Rican flags, along with the presence of our Latina/o brothers and sisters.

Willy struck a very sensitive cord when he addressed his fans and mentioned our online viagra buy Puerto clomid Rican prisoner Oscar López Rivera, how unjust his captivity is to our people, our history, and cialis coupon our island. In his very soft demeanor, he said, “Enough is enough!” He mentioned how our people need to stand together in the cause

of helping to free Oscar. But more evident was his mention of the ‘lack of education’ among people on the island. He mentioned how Puerto Rico must first be cleansed of ignorance and then persuaded by historical facts and education, not by misplaced notions. How sad it is that most people are oblivious to historical figures, how we are not angry at the fact that such historical figures have been erased from the books, how they are not spoken about, nor idealized.

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They most definitely live up to their name. Cultura was very much present, and la Profética hit home with many of us in attendance.

It was definitely a night to remember.

My warmest regards to the people of Old Town School of Folk Music for making this event unforgettable.

See more photos of the concert,

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Madeline Rodríguez

Madeline “Maddy” Rodríguez is a Boricua who has lived in Chicago for a very long time. She was born in the deep woods of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, where her grandparents made a living off the coffee farm they owned. Her father is a well-known Cuatro Player and Jíbaro Music Singer and her mother, a blue collar worker. Madeline attended high school and business school in the City of Chicago. She has worked as a paralegal for over 15 years and has been self-employed as a freelance-paralegal for the last three years. She has written and published interviews of musicians, producers, actors, comedians, directors, playwrights and individuals who are pillars of success among the Latino community as well as short articles about life events. She is a very deeply rooted modern-day Jíbara del Campo who prefers her café prieto y colao.