Contribution Guidelines

We’re About:

La Respuesta is a platform to showcase the critical, provocative, and inspiring work by, for, and about Boricuas living in The Diaspora and Puerto Rico.

You’re About:

Provocative and creative Puerto Ricans seeking out a space to disrupt, interrogate, and propose radical visions.

La Respuesta strongly aims to publish work from Boricuas existing at the intersection of other marginalized identities and communities, such as the Diaspora, youth, elders, women, afrodescendientes, LGBTQI folks, and those living with (dis)ability. La Respuesta is lead by Puerto Ricans with these identities.

Types of Contributions:

La Respuesta wants a sancocho of written and visual contributions, including essay, news report, short story, photography, poetry, zine, comic, etc; and encourage critical perspectives on the pressing issues impacting our communities.

How to contribute:

Send us three sentences about your proposed contribution that includes a tentative title to:

After a green light from the Editorial staff, you’ll be invited to contribute:

Visual: Attach high quality files of visual work via e-mail; do not place pictures or videos in the document with your written work. An accompanying essay of 500-1,000 words, with a title and two sentence biography.

Written: 1,000-3,000 words, with a title and two sentence biography.

All written contributions must be in word document attached to an e-mail or shared via google docs.

The Editorial Staff at La Respuesta reserve the right to publish at their own discretion.

If you rather contribute with a financial donation, please click, here.


If you want to re-post anything from this website onto your website, follow these directions:

Do not republish anything from this website without express written permission from La Respuesta. Send all inquiries to:

If you want to link anything from this website onto yours after you gain our permission, you may ONLY post the first paragraph and then provide a clear link to this website with the statement: “Originally published in La Respuesta”.