Oscar’s Corner

Bronze star awarded Vietnam veteran; Chicago community activist and institution builder; advocate for the independence of Puerto Rico; U.S.-held political prisoner for over thirty years. These are the most common cited facts given about Oscar López Rivera. They are reasons many, including La Respuesta, are compelled to join in the demand for his release. In order to bring greater attention to the international campaign supporting his freedom, we’ve decided to produce this new page, titled ‘Oscar’s Corner.’ Here you’ll be directed to our many articles about and by Oscar (including letters to his daughter, Clarisa) and the campaign, as well as ways you can support him and get involved. Even more exciting, which no publication can boast, is that you get to read our direct correspondence with Oscar, facilitated by Editorial Core member Dorian Ortega and National Boricua Human Rights Network. Periodically, Dorian asks the political prisoner a question relevant to our communities across the Puerto Rican Diaspora and Oscar will respond with an essay. You can participate too! If you have a question for Oscar, send them to dorian@larespuestamedia.com and read the conversation, here! With this new initiative, we at La Respuesta hereby reaffirm our commitment to “Bring Oscar Home.”