August 2013

New Look, New Edition



A new monthly, internet cultural magazine for the ghettonerds, malcriados, free thinkers, and dreamers chillin’ in the ‘Boricuascape.’ This is La Respuesta magazine’s second edition and official launch. Time to (Re)Imagine the Boricua Diaspora. ¡Chequéalo!

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(De)Colonial Subjects: Puerto Rico’s Political Status

La Respuesta‘s podcast series “(De)Colonial Subjects” curates an intimate conversation among Boricuas on the issues important to nuestra gente.

On July 25, 2013 a group of six Puerto Ricans assembled in a Logan Square, Chicago apartment to discuss many topics, the first of which was Puerto Rico’s political relationship to the U.S. from the perspective of the Diaspora.

Facilitated by Xavier “Xavi” Luis Burgos, with Libby Juliá-Vázquez, Hector Luis Alamo, Jr, Marisol Rodríguez, Jessica W. Gutiérrez Arocho, and Patricia “Patty” Johnson, directing and recording.

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Dilemma in Diaspora

The history of the Puerto Rican people is marked by struggle. Since Colón landed on the island in 1493 and placed its people under the yoke of the Spanish crown, Puerto Ricans have yet to know true freedom. Yet they’ve dreamed of little else… and it’s time this generation renews the fight.